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Surface sanding..........

Gary running boards through the sander while Max catches, sorts, and stacks them

The second step in the processing of our lumber is running each board through our 36" wide surface sander on both sides. This removes all lumber stamps, surface staining and rough spots. We start with such thick lumber ( 2" thick and 6" wide ) that this thorough milling practice results in optimum strength and a smooth finish.

When boards are planed at the lumber mill, the cells of the wood crush and glaze over. This gives the wood an uneven glossy surface. Sealer paint or stain have trouble penetrating this glossy shell. We use coarse 60 grit sandpaper to break down the "Mill Glaze" on the surface of the boards. The result is beautiful boards that accept sealer, paint or stain evenly.

I look at these boards all day every day and I am always amazed at their beauty. Any furniture made with unsanded boards is inferior to ours.

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