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You have chosen the worlds finest wooden lawn furniture. It will be used by friends and family for generations. Keeping it clean and oiled will protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty. Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone is a high tech, oil based, wood protector which contains an ultra-violet blocker to keep your furniture looking like new.

Sealing your furniture will also:

    • Keep the grain from raising.
    • Reduce checking and splinters.
    • Bead up water and prevent mildew.
    • Protect wood from stains and scuffing

Do you notice how the checking occurs on the unsealed side of this board? The checks stop (or never start) on the sealed side. Amazing isn't it?

Wood sealed with Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone doesn't allow water in. This eliminates expansion and contraction. The movement of the wood causes the checking. The checks allow the water deeper and deeper into the wood. The checks rarely turn into cracks and don't cause rotting, but the furniture is more appealing without the checks. "Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone is the best sealer against checking I have ever seen." says Baldwin Lawn Furniture owner Max Baldwin.

Consumer Reports rated Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone to be the best transparent sealer in the a recent issue.

The trick to beautiful furniture is to protect it from the suns ultra-violet rays with a top quality UV blocking sealer like Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone.

This Classic Rocking Chair has been outdoors for almost a year. The rich luster has diminished, the UV protection has weakened and some color fading has occured. The wax on the surface has also partially worn off making it possible to paint or stain.

Care Instructions

Open your care kit and find the following items:

1 Quart of Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone.
1 Can opener.
1 Stir stick.
1 3M Scotch pad.
1 Paint Brush.
4 Latex gloves and
1 Instruction booklet.

You will need to remove the steel clips which keep the cap on during transport. Use the can opener.

If you don't have a Baldwin Care Kit either order one or go buy/find these items. You will also need a drop cloth or tarp.

Use the 3M Scotch pad to lightly scrub the furniture. This accomplishes two goals. First it removes any grit, grim or sand and secondly it breaks up the layer of wax so the new oil can get in.

We focus on the level surfaces because they get the most wear and sun damage.

Spead out a drop cloth or tarp of some sort to protect your grass or driveway.

Put the gloves on.

Take the cap off the quart.

Stir the oil with our custom stir stick.

Note: This oil is thin and goes a long way. Chances are you will have a lot left over. Plan on storing the care kit in a heated storage room for use next year. The shelf life is many years.

Now the fun part. Dip the brush and let the oil fly!

There's no way to do this wrong. Just brush the oil on. It's very easy.

Oh yea - one thing: Don't do this in the direct sun on a hot day. The product will gas off too quickly before the ingredients get a chance to soak in. An overcast day or doing the job in the shade is recommended.

The last thing to do is either place your furniture in the garage to keep it from getting rained on.

If you suspect it might rain and you don't have a garage let the furniture dry a few hours then cover it with a tarp and tie it from blowing off.

This process is very simple and doesn't take long and it makes a big difference. It really makes the furniture look nice.

Please call us if you have any questions: 1-800-344-5103.

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