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Step 1: Unpack everything. Find the following: two bench frames, four diagonal braces, and one bench seat assemble. There are twenty 2 1/2" screws and a Baldwin screwdriver. We always include a few extra.

Step 2: Place the bench seat assembly with the good side down on a flat, sturdy and smooth work surface. Notice the letters "A" and 'B" on the bottom of the bench, as well as at the tops of the leg frames. Place each frame on top of the appropriate letter. This bench was completely assembled at one time and then taken apart. Assembly is easiest if you drive the screws into the old screw holes. This ensures a perfect fit! Screw through the leg frame blocks with the twelve 2 1/2" screws into the bottom of the bench seat.

Step 3: The diagonal braces were labeled with a magic marker during disassembly. The letter "C", "D", "E", or "F" was written onto the end of each brace. The same letter was written onto the bottom of the bench seat where the brace was once connected. Place the braces where they once were and screw them on using the old holes.

That's all there is to it! You're finished. Now the fun part... Sit down and relax!

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