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Step 1: Unpack

Unpack all parts. Lay them out flat and organize them. Count out the screws. There should be four 3" screws (long Screws), four 2 1/2" screws (medium Screws) and three 1 5/8" screws(short screws). There should be a Bench assembly, a Backrest assembly, two Armrests with Gussets attached, 2 Rocker curves, 4 carriage bolts, 4 washers and 4 nuts.

Step 2: Curves

Attach the rocking curves. The bolthole that is closest to the end of the rocker curve is the end that bolts to the front leg. line up the holes and use a hammer to drive the bolts through. Put on the washers and tighten the nuts. Put on the black rubber bolt caps.

Step 3: Arms

The next step is to attach the arms. The best way is to put the 3"(long) screws into the predrilled holes in the the legs until the tip of the screw just peeks out. Align the arm so that the screws will go into the same holes in the underside of the arm that they came out of.

Use 2.5"(medium) screws to attach the gussets (curved piece attached to underside of arm) to the legs.

Step 3: Arms

Place the backrest on the chair in the groove behind the seat slats and center it between the arms. Put 2 medium length(2.5") screws in and tighten them.

Finally, Put 3 short screws in from the back of the backrest and tighten them.

That's all there is to it! Now Relax and enjoy!

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