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Our boxes are built with ease of assembly in mind. We put the box all the way together, sanbd and seal the box, then take it apart and flat pack it. We do all this so when you are putting it back together the screws hit their origianal holes and everything lines up perfectly.

We really try to make things easy for you.

Open the box and find the following componunts:
Four box walls,
Box bottom,
Four foot pads
Screws, screwdiver, and
Assembly instructions.

We labeled the corners as we took the box apart. All you do is match up the lettered corners. We use: a, b, c, d. If you are getting two boxes we also use a2, b2, c2, and d2.

Screw the corners together using the longer of the screws (2 1/2"). Fit the screws into their original holes. THis ensures a perfect fit.

After connecting three walls, slide the floor panel in. It rests on top of the box's bottom rail. There is no ned to fasten the bottom in. It just sits there. Attach the fourth wall.

Flip the box over and position the foot pads in the corners. We like to hold them back from the edge about 3/8 of an inch. Attach the foot pads with the short (1 5/8") screws.
That's it. You can put landscape cloth in the bottom, fill it with dirt and plant a tree or just set a potted plant down inside of it.
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