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Dear Baldwins,

My Adirondack arrived last week as promised. It is incredibly comfortable, aesthetically designed, and very well built. Assembly was a breeze (and fun to). I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that you are using a renewable resource (Western Red Cedar) and an environmentally friendly finish (Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural Tone). These were the main reasons I purchased a Baldwin chair instead of the many other Adirondack chairs out there on the market.

Thanks for such a beautiful product,
Jacquline Walton

Round Rock, Texas
Max, OK, I just got my first Baldwin Chair put together and I'm ready for number 2! The comfort is incredible... very ergonomic! If there is a better-built Adirondack - I've never seen it. Send me another of the same. Do you guys distribute through retailers? You might check with Patio Haus in our town... They need your product because the ones they sell are quite obviously inferior.

Thanks again!
Brad Harwick

Dear Max and Alex,

This year for Christmas, my husband and I bought each other a table saw, router and other goodies with the dreams of getting into woodworking. I desperately wanted to make some Adirondack chairs for our deck. I even found some free online plans that were ALMOST as good as your design seems to be. (I took some Architectural Drawing classes back in the stone ages. LOOOVE your X-frame!) Well, to make a long story short, we went to the local lumberyards and priced the materials. We can't make them as cheaply as you sell them ready-made! We are starting to regret our power tool purchase. Our money would have been better spent on your chairs. Too soon old, too late smart.

The Pocono Kids:
-Kai & Ken


Hi, I talked to you yesterday about my Adirondack chair order that had not arrived. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful. Good News! The chair and ottoman came yesterday! WOW! It exceeded my expectations and is just perfect! I am so impressed with your company. When I decided to get an Adirondack vchair for my fiancé for Christmas I went to a well-known company in Seattle that specializes in cedar Adirondack type chairs. Luckily I had found you on the web just before I went and had an idea of what yours looked like. When I walked into the well-known store here in Seattle, I knew immediately the quality of their furniture did not compare to yours, and it was more expensive! When the chair arrived yesterday I was so thrilled with it and my fiancé loves it! It is just great! I will definitely order more products from you in the future!

P.S. Your web site is really good and really helped me make my decision.

Alex and Max,

I had the pleasure of viewing the Baldwin Furniture Web site today. I was very impressed with the furniture design and
attractiveness of this Web page. You did an excellent job!! A very
comprehensive display with all the information one needs to make a decision
for such a purchase. Thanks!

Dianne Borde-Sutherland

Dear Sir:

Your chairs are beautiful and well constructed. Thank you for the timely delivery. I am very happy with my order.

P. Miller

Hi Max- I just bought an Adirondack chair & ottoman for my husband’s birthday. He LOVES it! Thanks!

Colleen Bauer

We have one of your beautiful Adirondack chairs. The chair gets more compliments than I can count. It's really comfortable! Many Thanks.

Dean Shepard

Hi! As a weekend Wally, I spend some of my time working with cedar (plentiful here on the left coast) and just happened upon your site while I was doing a search for lumber dealers. I must say that you have done quite a nice job with your product line as well as your web site.

Best regards, Paul Denny

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for quick service. I bought the two chairs, two rockers, umbrella, two tables and God knows what else.
This was a gift for my parents in Texas, and they have called me three times here in Argentina to tell me how great it is. I will be going home soon and can’t wait to see it for myself. Oh yes, you were correct with the ease of putting it together, my Dad is 65 and just had a lung removed, said he had no problem with it. Thanks again for the great service and the ease of handling this over the internet.

Gerald Daugherty

Hi Max -- well, I've had my Adirondacks for a month now and I love them more each day. I'm always dragging family and friends to sit with me in the yard despite the Minnesota mosquitoes. I'm glad I chose Baldwin -- the chairs are handsome, sturdy, and they smell great. Thanks!

Betsy Spethmann

I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciated your company’s prompt and courteous service when I place my recent order for a Cedar rocker, lawn chair, and table. The furniture was beautiful and the order arrived before the weekend, just as you promised. I will be back to buy more as early as this summer.

Kathleen O'Halloran and David Kegg

Hi Max-

I just bought an Adirondack chair & ottoman for my husband’s birthday and he loves it!

Colleen Bauer

Hello, from sunny Colorado!

We took delivery of our lovely new patio furniture yesterday and everything shipped well. My husband and I unpacked most everything last night
and will do the assembly as our weekend project. The construction is excellent and the wood beautiful. Thanks again for the hard work and going the extra effort in packing and shipping the settee, which is most impressive. We are both very pleased with the outcome of everything.

Vickey A. Testa

I just wanted to take a moment out of my workday to thank you for delivering on a promise. The quality and the simply elegant styling of our 3 Baldwin Adirondack Rockers makes me want to keep them inside and protect them from the elements. Being a creative director with a heavy design background (Art Institute of Chicago) I can say with all confidence that fashion and function once again rule the Northeast. The total value is outstanding, from the beautiful wood grain, to easy assembly, to cost, to the timely customer service. Oh, don't forget comfort, time will stand still as you slip back and rest in total comfort. It is hard to find outdoor furniture (works of art really) that stand out from the crowd here in Maine, but you folks have heads turning 360 degrees, expect more orders to come from this neck of the woods. Once again thank you . . . Good luck. .
Keep up the great work . . .It's not everyday that customers get this happy! Your craftsmanship now has a home in Cape Neddick Maine . . .

Michael Petan & The Petan Family

Dear Chari,
I just wanted to let you know we have our order and they are perfect! The chairs are all you say they are and so much more. Both my husband and I love them! Once my husband sat in the Baldwin Chair with the ottoman he felt a great weight just lift off of him! I forgot to order the maintenance kit. I will place an order next week for it. I want to keep my chairs beautiful. Please see a couple of photos I took:
Thank you and don't be surprised if you get a few more orders from the Cayman Islands.
Arlene Whittaker

Max, I couldn't think of better Furniture to put around our new water garden. Your furniture is the nicest we've seen and believe me have seen a bit. Some of the furniture, its amazing they're still in business and even more amazing, is that you can sit in some and it supposedly doesn't break. Heck, your are an Artist and have so much talent ! I can't wait to come back with my wife and buy some more. Take care and we'll see you in the spring.

Don Blake

The beefy supplied screwdrivers and drill bit are a very classy touch! The stuff is as great as I remember. The benches are so comfortable, it is hard to believe you are sitting on WOOD. We are going to become alcoholics because all we want to do is sit on the deck and drink a beer! We run our own business, too, and appreciate the intelligence and care you put into yours!

Heather Westbrook

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